Tax Preparation Services in Elgin

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Tax Preparation Services Overview

No two people are quite alike, and neither are their taxes. The team at All American Tax Service reviews your unique tax situation to help you identify credits, write-offs, and other missed opportunities that could influence how much you owe or receive back from the IRS.

And, because we have a team of highly experienced tax preparers, including Enrolled Agents, on our side, we can handle any type of tax situation — because even simple returns are anything but simple.

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State & Federal Tax Filing

For individual filers and married couples, we take a no-frills approach to filing state and federal taxes. Our in-depth industry expertise allows us to serve you quickly and accurately, saving you countless hours and headaches compared to DIY online solutions. What’s more, we also charge a lot less than our national competitors and online tools, with state and federal filing starting at just $89.

Small Business Tax Services

Small business owners have enough tasks on their hands, and taxes shouldn’t have to be one of them. We work with many local small businesses to ensure they’re taking advantage of every write-off. Our tax professionals help you understand how your depreciating assets affect your taxes and offer professional advice to help you maximize your tax outcome.

Self-Employed and Freelancer Tax Preparation Services

When you and your business are one in the same, it's needless to say taxes can get a little complicated. We work with many self-employed individuals, 1099 workers, and freelancers to ensure every opportunity is taken and bring clarity to both your bookkeeping and income reporting.

Drop Off Tax Service

If you don’t feel like waiting in our tax office while we do your filing, we don’t blame you! Feel free to drop off your taxes, and we’ll notify you when they’re ready for your approval. What’s more, we do not charge extra for this service, so you can enjoy greater flexibility and convenience when you partner with us.

Remote Tax Filing

Want expert tax preparation services but can’t make it to our office? We see you, and we’re here for you. We now offer remote tax services for clients near and far, even out of state or overseas. We provide a secure means for you to share your tax documents and details with us, then we get to work on your taxes and will reach out for clarification if needed.

Tax Advice & Consultations

Whether you’re a business owner or a hardworking employee, we all have tax questions that need honest answers. We take a consultative approach with each of our clients to better understand your tax situation, navigate your challenges, and offer professional, unbiased advice that will help you make the right decisions for your needs.