Tax Preparers in Elgin, IL

Accountant Studying Tax Using Laptop — All American Tax Service in Elgin, IL
All American Tax Service was established in 1956 by Leo R. Cox and Richard Ashe in Elgin, Illinois. Mr. Cox and Mr. Ashe were in the insurance business and decided the Elgin area needed a tax preparation service with reasonable fees and outstanding service. Compare All American Tax with any of the nationally known companies in the area and you will see the fees we charge are much easier on your budget. Possibly as much as 50%. Most of our tax preparers and accountants have been with us for many years and are trained and very well versed in tax law.
In addition to tax preparation, we still offer insurance services at our Larkin Avenue office under the name of Leo R. Cox Insurance. We specialize in auto, motorcycle, homeowner's, and SR-22 insurance. Please see the website for Leo R. Cox Agency at